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In Repair

It’s official: as of this afternoon, Jeff Frederick is no longer chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia.  For more of the backstory, here’s today’s New York Times.  Now that it’s official, hopefully the RPV can come together to elect Bob McDonnell, reelect Bill Bolling and elect our eventual nominee for attorney general.  In the meantime, we need a solid party leader who can unite all factions of the party as well as has an appeal in NoVa and in the downstate counties.  Having heard Dave Foster speak, I think he would be perfect: he’s an excellent speaker, he is a serious public servant, he has a number of solid ideas to promote conservative principles without looking like a “wingnut” (something that can be very offputting to centrist voters), he has a record of winning elections in perhaps the most liberal community in Virginia and his campaign for attorney general has demonstrated his ability to appeal to voters in all regions of the Commonwealth.  If we are to unite as a party, that’s the kind of leadership the RPV needs and I believe Dave Foster is uniquely qualified to deliver it.


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For those of us concerned with the direction of the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV), this comes as refreshing news.  Jeff Frederick was elected chairman narrowly last year on a wave of populist sentiment against the GOP establishment.  Since then, he succeeded in drawing negative attention to the RPV for his distaseful comments comparing President Obama to Osama bin Ladenbungling a party switch that would have returned the Senate of Virginia to Republican control and overseeing the loss of three Republican-held seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, the other seat in the U.S. Senate (in his defense, I think we would have lost that race to Mark Warner regardless of the party’s chair) and losing Virginia’s electoral votes for the first time in forty-four years.  On a personal note, the ubiquity of his image on the RPV’s website makes him appear at least a little self-absorbed.

Thanks to youngreaganite at twitter for the initial tip and the link!

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